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Facts file

Bemuga Fowarders Limited
Bemuga Fowarders Limited

BEMUGA FORWARDERS LIMITEDwas voted as a Top 50 Sustainable Development Agencies and winner of the Uganda Sustainable Development Award as a top reputable and fastest growing companies in the freight management industry in Uganda and East Africa at large. Bemuga Forwarders Limited is the most specialized company in handling and clearing Oil and gas exploration equipments, provision of freight management consultancy services, provision of warehouses and parking services for oil equipements. Be [ ... ]

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European Union Delegation Uganda
European Union Delegation Uganda

In 2013, The European Union Delegation to Uganda was recognised with the 2013 Uganda Responsible Investment Award in appreciation of its contriution towards sustainable development of uganda. It was awarded the Best Development Partner of the year 2013 in Uganda.

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Accredited Responsible and Sustainable Development

Victoria Seeds Limited
Victoria Seeds Limited

Victoria Seeds Limited is the winner of the 2013 Uganda Responsible Investment Award. It was awarded with the Uganda Responsible Investment Award as the Best Seeds Company in Uganda in terms of production and supply of quality products and services, Employement and remuneration of Ugandans, productive corporate social responsibility, payment of taxes,environmental conservation,etc. Victoria Seeds Ltd is a member of the presidential Investors Roundtable.


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